Cover, Create, Bind: Artists Books Revealed
with Claire Brach

Suitable for all skill levels


3-days, 9.30am - 4pm

Monday 20 April - Wednesday 22 April, 2020


$390 + $20 materials fee


In this workshop participants will be exploring a range of book making and stitched-binding techniques to create a number of artist books.  This will encompass both soft and hard bound covers.  We will explore the concept of hinging a hard cover book, adding multiple folded pages to concertina books and developing a range of stitching methods to form decorative visible patterns.


Students are encouraged to bring paper-based memorabilia (maps, timetables, menus, speciality papers, mementos of trips/holidays, etc.) to add both exterior and interior content and/or pages to their books.  Pages don’t just have to be blank!  Consider creating themed books incorporating materials important to yourself.


This is an experimental workshop where the construction of a variety of book types will be taught and participants will then have the opportunity to personalize and adapt their pieces through a range of visual, textural and design effects.  It is suitable for those new to creative book making or those with some experience wishing to widen their skills and have a bit of fun!