Claire Brach


Claire has a love of everything paper, print and stitch. Her art practice includes creating her own paper, using it as a strata to add print and stitch, often forming these individual components into unique artist books. Her love of themes within her work ensures that each piece displays a personal narrative often encompassing lines, boxes, shapes and colours relating back to her interest in containment, circuitry and boundaries.


Her qualifications include Cert IV Design (Award of Excellence Creativity, Colour and Design), Diploma of Visual Arts (Award of Excellence), HEC Creative Arts, Embroidery: 16th Century to Current Day, amongst others.  


Claire has been teaching since the early 2000s across a wide range of skills; her workshops include Colour & Design for the Fearful, Meddling with Metal, Silk Metal Stitch (Book-making), Shimmering Caskets and Surfaces, Book of Silk, Paper Casting + Stitch, Creative Journals & Artist Books, Introduction to Printmaking – along with 2 courses she taught over a period of 10 years entitled Creative Textures & Textiles.


She has been and continues to be engaged by groups, associations and venues across the eastern seaboard of Australia and is an active member of Primrose Paper Arts, being part of their committee.