Irish Basketry using Recycled Contemporary Materials
with Lissa-Jane de Sailles

Suitable for all skill levels


3-days, 9.30am - 4pm

Monday 20 April - Wednesday 22 April, 2020


$390 + $20 materials fee 

In this three day workshop students will gain a fundamental knowledge of traditional Irish basketry skills incorporating contemporary materials such as ethernet cable, power cords, clothesline and any other cables and cords available.


Learn how to make a base for a sturdy basket and how to upset and stake up a basket for randing. Correct hand positions and precision weaving techniques will be taught for ease of movement.


On the first day we will discuss materials and learn how to make a base using age old Irish and European basketry techniques. Students will learn how to upset a basket by adding in stakes or turning the stakes.


On the second day students will have time to learn how to add in weavers and learn how to rand. There will be plenty of time to weave the sides of the basket as well as look at ways to shape and style your projects.


On the third day students will be able to complete their project and learn how to do a couple of simple borders as well as make a start on another piece to take home to finish independently.

This workshop is designed for those wishing to learn how to incorporate traditional skills into contemporary projects using alternative materials.


Think recycling, reusing and reimagining materials that are usually discarded and sent to the tip. These skills can also be used with traditional materials such as willow or hedgerow clippings as well!


The aim of this workshop is to familiarise yourself with the skills to develop a deeper understanding of the structures and techniques used in traditional basket making. Students will need a reasonable amount of manual dexterity.