Joyful Japanese ceramics with John Hattom




3 days, 5-7 October 2019



Learn how to create ceramics using Japanese ceramic techniques, Japanese ceramic tools, and choosing Japanese glazes to create beautiful and functional pieces. Learn how to be joyful, present and how to gently build up your skillset over three exciting days of intensive learning and practice.

Students will hand build a set of platters, a set of small tea cups and three vases. Students will identify which glaze they would like each piece to have.

Learn the difference between earthenware, stoneware and porcelain, how to select the right clay for the right project and prepare the different clays.
Learn how to make a pinch pot, how to slab build, how to use a slump mould and how to coil build different wares.
Learn how to prepare and apply surface treatment to clay surfaces, and how to trim and sand green (unfired/raw) clay. 
Learn about the bisquing (initial firing of wares to 999 degrees centigrade) process;
Learn about how to choose and apply a glaze and the glaze firing process.

Each student's ceramic pieces can be mailed to them or can be picked up at Ghatikara Studio in Bullaburra three weeks after the course ends.

This time allows for bisque firing, glazing and glaze firing. 

A materials fee of $65 (includes firing costs) is payable to the tutor.