Plant dyeing and printing on paper and cloth with Anne Leon




3 days, 5-7 October 2019



Unlock the hidden colours and images of plants as they reveal themselves onto paper and cloth 


Students will discover the magic of extracting colour and imprints from plants, using leaves, flowers, and roots.

Students will be shown several SHIBORI techniques, which is the Japanese word for tie-dyeing, by using stitching, clamping, folding, twisting, and compressing to create intricate patterns.

Additional techniques will be investigated to develop the art of “eco-printing” which allows the image of leaf, flower, and bark to be transferred onto cloth and paper.

All participants will create a variety of samples, and a large ART CLOTH will be produced during the 3 days.

In addition, scarves and art-papers can be created using combinations of techniques and plant-dyes.

A sample pack will be supplied to all students which covers materials of the workshop. The materials fee is $50, payable to the Tutor.

Additional scarves and fabric will be available for purchase.