Do you need something to look forward to this year?

It's been a rocky start but there's a lot to look forward to in 2020

For decades, I have booked into creative workshops around Australia as something to look forward to - it means I've had dedicated time for making art and developing my skills, combined with a bit of travel, and enjoying the company of other creative people. These occasions have always nurtured my creative spirit and restored my energy - even though some creative workshops are hard physical work!

This year, I am looking forward to Arts Muster in April, where I will be teaching a class in dyeing and printing with plants. I taught this class at the Embroiderers Guild NSW on the first weekend of the year, with spectacular results, and I can't wait to share these techniques and materials with a new workshop full of creative people.

As part of "looking forward" I harvest, dry, freeze and press plant materials ready for dyeing. It's a practice that I've also roped in friends and family to adopt so I have access to even more materials to share with my students.

Freezers around NSW are home to avocado skins, hibiscus flowers, and other precious ingredients.

My creative spirit is looking forward to two other incredible opportunities for me this year, as an artist-in-residence. The first will be at the SeeChange Festival in Jervis Bay in June, and the second with my untethered.fibre.artists inc colleagues as the collective artists-in-residence at the Geelong Fibre Forum in September/October.

Both occasions will be dedicated to making art and spending time with my creative tribe.

I hope that you have a similar strategy in your life, of investing in your future self.

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