Festive Bunting Has It All - especially a celebration of craft

I love bunting. It's a celebration in itself - hand-made, designed with love, and sure to brighten up anywhere it's festooned.

The Arts Muster bunting is a project I started when we announced our first program last October. For me, the occasion deserved to be celebrated in craft.

Now, three months later, the bunting is complete and today it posed for a photo shoot in the eerie bushfire light in my back yard.

This crafty string of calico flags boast recycled denim letters, old beer bottletops hammered into decorative weights, and some fancy metallic threads to give a little bling to the overall effect.

As with many great craft projects, a few other people have made their mark on this bunting - my house mate cut out the letters, my aunt sewed the flags on to the cord - it reminds me that our pursuit of arts and crafts brings us together to share our skills, our stories and hopefully a cuppa tea as well.

I"m proud of this bunting, and I can't wait to fly its flags at our next Arts Muster event in April. Now my challenge is to come up with another craft project to help festoon our events and inspire us all to make things together.

Let's make things together
Arts Muster hand-made bunting

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