Inspiring People with Paper

Hi I’m Heather. I’m a paper artist specialising in making paper, paper collage and folded artist books. I’m a passionate traveller and ephemera collector and have collections of postcards, stamps and bits of posters I’ve collected. In my arts practice I often incorporate stitched collage and found objects.

I am passionate about inspiring people to get creative with simple projects both in hands on workshops and online courses. Your hands know so much already, its about inspiring you to see differently, experiment and learn some different techniques so that you can create in your own style easily and with joy.

I have been holding paper, print and book workshops for the past 10 years both in northern New South Wales where I live and overseas in Taiwan, France, and the Netherlands. I have been in many international exhibitions in the USA, UK and Taiwan and exhibit regularly in Australia. As a passionate traveller I love to go on artist residencies, the most recent was in the small fishing village of Skagaströnd in Iceland where I made paper and incorporated found fishing nets and seaweed pulp in sculptural forms.

I make a small paper collage artwork everyday and in 2018 I went on a three month overseas trip with no checked baggage, making collages on shipping tags and postcards. This #91 day collaged postcard project inspired me to to teach Turn Travel into Art. It’s an easy way to repurpose existing postcards to transform a picture into a travel memory.

I love tearing and stitching paper. There is something cathartic and dynamic about the energy of tearing which imparts into an artwork. I then stitch and weave papers back together to create new narratives , a way of connecting me to my matrilineal lineage of avid embroiderers and knitters.

When my paper studio was flooded in 2017 I collected papers which survived and were stained and marked with silt and collaged these together for my solo exhibition Deluge. This began my journey into making work about climate change which I continue in ongoing projects.

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