Watch Seraphina Martin's printing process!

In this video, Seraphina Martin is making a print for an upcoming exhibition

I was disappointed that year, one of my all-time favourite felt artists was hosting a workshop and places in her class sold out in 20 minutes.

So I enrolled in Seraphina's class instead, and wow was I bowled over.

I loved watching the solar plates developing before my eyes. I drypoint etched (like in this video) and applied ink and polished plates and rolled the press... it was heaven.

Seraphina is such a generous teacher and she makes every process simple and exciting. I made more than 50 beautiful (well, in my eyes) prints over the four days, and I still treasure them.

I hope you enjoy this wonderful video and seriously consider signing up for Seraphina's classes at next year's Arts Muster - fingers crossed we can go ahead.

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