Sculptural Coiling with Delightful Distortions
with Fiona Hammond

For all skill levels


2-days, 9.30am - 4pm

Saturday 10 April - Sunday 11 April, 2021


$260 + $5 Notes + materials fee $18-$35


Explore coiling techniques—using plain core cord and colourful yarns—to create coiled forms containing voids, distortions and pleasingly organic shapes.

Foam-covered wire will also be used as a core material to introduce more malleable shapes.

Incorporate items such as natural materials, beads, art yarns, fabric, buttons or other treasures into your work if desired. Use of colour is made possible by working with various colourful yarns—tapestry wool and/or acrylic yarn. Participants can use as much or as little colour as they desire.


This workshop will allow participants to experiment with coiling to create their own distinctive coiled form. It may or may not result in a functional item (such as a bowl), but it will certainly be eye-catching!

Techniques covered in the workshop:

  • How to start and finish the coil

  • How to join in new wrapping materials

  • How to vary the diameter of the core materials if desired

  • Incorporating beads or other adornments into the coiling: at the start, end or during the coiling process

  • Using buttonhole stitch when coiling

  • Using foam-covered wire as a core material

  • Creating voids within the coiled forms

  • Creating distortions in the coiled forms


Tutor can supply: All materials required for the workshop, for a per-person materials fee. Participants have the option to take up this materials fee or bring the requirements from home. The tutor will bring additional items to sell to participants who have not taken the materials fee option, if they need any additional items.

Requirements: A full requirements list will be supplied upon enrolment.

Participants should be able to create a small coiled form (maybe 5cm x 5cm or equivalent), or make a good start on a somewhat larger one. The materials fee will cover enough materials to complete a coiled form that could measure around 10cm x 10cm, or some variation on this. The actual finished size will of course depend on the creative choices of the participant.