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Shibori Felt: Going Dimensional
with Rae Woolnough

Suitable for Intermediate students

3 days, 9.30am - 4pm

Monday 20 April - Wednesday 22 April, 2020 


$390 + materials fee $10 

Use the ancient Japanese techniques of shibori to create interesting 3D effects in felt

Shibori is a Japanese word that means to tie, twist and/or bind. Artists use this method to create patterns and textures in cloth (sometimes using resists) and then over-dye the piece.

This workshop explores a similar shibori method using the natural shrinking properties of felt to create interesting patterns and three-dimensional textural effects. This felt can then be used to create jewellery, included in vessels, as an embellishment on hats and bags, or incorporated into artworks.

The workshop also includes using the nuno felting method, which is the lamination of fabric and wool to create light, draping felted material.

Participants will hand-dye silk material to use as a base cloth and will create nuno pre-felted material and then progress to the more advanced shibori felting method.

Although this workshop includes advanced techniques, it is still suitable for anyone with just some experience in felting. Participants will need to understand the basics of laying out wool fibre to create felt.