Small offerings: connect creativity and spirituality with Samantha Tannous


1 day, 7 October 2019

What is an offering? A gift to the gods, an invocation of your Muse, or entreaty to your spirit guide. 

The ritual of offering is a symbolic gesture which has roots in ancient and modern cultures, all over the world.


When making an offering, we allow ourselves contemplation, gratitude and inspiration. We enter a state of flow, and open up to even greater creativity.


In this one-day workshop we will construct unique offerings connecting your creativity with your spirituality. We will elevate a selection of small objects – such as mementoes or keepsakes – by enshrining them within their own receptacle.


Bring your own vessels, found objects and ephemera, or see where the flow takes you on the day by browsing the materials offered by your tutor.


A range of textiles, papers, paints and other materials will be available from your tutor to share on the day. A materials fee of $10 is payable to the tutor.


A small selection of vessels and paraphernalia will also be available for purchase (and some for free).